Friday, December 21, 2007

VMware ESX Server 3i Released:

This release introduces VMware ESX Server 3i, the industry's first ultra-thin hypervisor. With this ultra-thin architecture, ESX Server 3i provides unprecedented levels of security, reliability, and manageability.

ESX Server 3i provides all the benefits and features of VMware ESX Server hypervisor including:

  • Increases security with a small, virtualization-centric package that minimizes attack surface area and requires minimal patching
  • Provides full integration with VirtualCenter 2.5
  • Integrates with hardware to ensure compatibility, certification, and optimized configurations
  • Enables standards-based management of the underlying hardware
  • Works in conjunction with VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) to achieve plug-and-play capacity scaling for your datacenter.
Note: Limited support: ESX Server 3i Installable is supported only on Dell 2950 (full support) and on HP DL380 G5 (experimental support).

Download here.

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