Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS...VMware offers free ESX Version to battle Microsoft!!:

Exactly what I was hoping VMware would do, I just read this information at this site!
This is going to be really good for VMware and combating the competition. Now just need to work on that licensing model some.

" The next version of ESXi, which will come in about two weeks, will be available at no cost, said VMware CEO Paul Maritz. ESXi is a basic hypervisor, which is technology that separates the OS from server hardware so multiple OSes can run virtually on one physical server."

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Version of ESXManager tool (free):

New features are:

Virtual Center independent
Keeps track of Virtual Machine Host Registration, Migrations and Status
Manage Virtual Machine Configuration
Display and work in the Virtual Machine Console
Kill Virtual Machine Process (if the VM can't be powered off)
Rename Virtual Disks of registered Virtual Machines
Move Virtual Disks and keep the disk attached to the Virtual Machine
Virtual Machine Registration, Start , Restart , Reset, Power Off, Suspend
Extend Virtual Disks
View-Search-Filter Logfiles on the ESX Host.
Define and save custom SSH commands with Parameter handling
Publish and share custom SSH commands with other ESX Administrators

Dowload here.

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