Tuesday, November 13, 2007

VMware Unveils Next Generation of Free VMware Server:

Vmblog has a story staying the next release of the VMware's FREE virtualization product, Vmware Server, is now out for beta testing..

A feature list:

VMware Server 2 beta is feature-packed with the following new capabilities:

  • Intuitive web-based management interface: VMware Server 2 provides a simple, flexible, intuitive and productive management experience. Features include an embedded virtual machine console, full management functionality and the ability to create customized remote console URLs for virtual machine users.
  • Expanded operating system support: VMware Server 2 now supports more than 30 types of guest operating systems, including Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 (beta), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Ubuntu 7.10.
  • Virtual Machine Interface (VMI) support: VMware Server 2 includes support for transparent paravirtualization through VMI, enabling enhanced communication between virtualized operating systems and the virtualization layer.
  • Support for high-speed USB 2.0 devices: The USB 2.0 support provided by VMware Server 2 allows for increased flexibility for customers using peripheral devices in virtualized environments.
  • Enhanced memory and processor support: VMware Server 2 now supports up to 8 GB of RAM per virtual machine and up to 2 Virtual SMP processors. The product also features support for 64-bit guest operating systems on 64-bit compatible processors for improved performance and scalability.

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Server 2008 Licensing Changes!!!!


In terms of pricing and licensing, we made a few changes for the Windows Server 2008. The licensing remains generally the same as Windows Server 2003 R2 (eg. Enterprise comes with 4 additional virtual guest instances, Datacenter comes with unlimited virtual guest instances), but we made one change for Standard. Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition license allowed customers to run the instance either in the physical or virtual environment, but not with the same license. Windows Server 2008 Standard will now allow 1+1 licensing (1 physical and 1 virtual instance running at the same time). The requirement for having Client Access Licenses (CALs) has not changed, meaning that when Windows Server 2008 comes out, CALs will have to be upgraded to Windows Server 2008 as well. Pricing will also be very similar to Windows Server 2003, with the exception of an approximately 1% increase.


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WOW..I have been busy:

Sorry folks, but I have been way to busy to keep up with my blogging after VMworld with all the annoucements. First there is Citrix buying Xensource, then exploring all that was heard at Vmworld's 11,000 attendee event, then Citrix Iforum.

I have been very involved with the VMware VDI beta program since Vmworld and really like what we are seeing there.

Anyway...will try to get back in the swing...

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