Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Microsoft SVVP Certification levels for VMware exceed all other competitive Hypervisors:

"These new configurations now allow full Microsoft SVVP support for maximum VM sizes on VMware’s platform. They also exceed all other competitive hypervisor certification levels. Kudos to the team at VMware for the hard work on these certification tests as well as to Microsoft for a great certification and support program."

Read the original full article http://www.mikedipetrillo.com.
VMware New Products and Features coming in 2009:

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VMware Fault Tolerance
VMware VMSafe
VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch
VMware vCenter CapacityIQ
VMware vCenter Data Recovery
VMware vCenter ConfigControl
VMware vCenter Orchestrator
VMware vCenter Chargeback
VMware vCenter AppSpeed (formerly B-hive Conductor)
3rd Party Virtual Switch
vStorage Thin Provisioning @ Linked Clones
Best 3 upcoming features from VMware in 2009 poll:

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

VMconverter does Multi-Vendor V2V conversions:

This was an awesome tip from the great VMETC.COM blog!
See this link for the full article!

ESX 2.x
ESX 3.x / ESXi 3.x
Virtual Server 1.x or 2.x
any of the hosted desktop products including (but not limited to) VMware Workstation and Fusion, Microsoft Virtual PC, and Sun xVM VirtualBox.

All that needs to be done is install VMware Converter directly on the VM’s operating system, and then make sure that the source VM has network connectivity the target ESX host. Once you’ve worked those hopefully small details out, VMware Converter is basically oblivious to the fact that the source is not physical hardware and conducts the migration as if it was a p2v. Just choose “physical machine” and “this local machine” as the source type options when configuring an “Import Machine” Converter job.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Interpreting ESXTOP Statistics:

VMware has just released a very nice paper of Interpreting ESXTOP Statistics. ESXTOP is used from the console OS and if often overlooked as a extremely valuable tool. There was an excellent session on this topic at VMworld 2008 that really needed to be two hours in length..but this document looks very nice...so get it now!

Credit for this information goes to: http://ict-freak.nl/2009/01/04/vmware-interpreting-esxtop-statistics/

or the direct link is here.

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