Tuesday, April 27, 2010

VMworld 2010- Public Voting for Breakout Sessions

Some amount of breakout sessions will be decided this year by public vote according to this run-virtual article. This voting will happen in May and anyone with a free VMworld.com account will be invited to vote!
So go get your account now!

This version has extensive VMware Community Input this time.  Really good read with the focus being on initial configuration of virtual infrastructure layer.
Go grab it here.

VMworld 2010 Registration is OPEN

If you haven't heard yet, VMworld 2010 registration is open for all. Some changes are taking place this year...like no more pre-registration for breakout sessions?

New this Year!

Follow the Experts - New in 2010
This year, VMworld is connecting you directly with subject-matter authorities with our Knowledge Experts Program. These highly respected members of VMware community - made up of industry-leading customers, bloggers and VMware employees - will be conducting and participating in Breakout sessions and Birds of a Feather discussion groups. Plus, they'll also be available for one-on-one meetings and more casual discussions as they circulate throughout the conference.

One-on-One Meetings
You can schedule one-on-one meetings with up to 3 Knowledge Experts during the conference. Use these 15-minute sessions to delve into topics that relate specifically to your organization.

Birds of a Feather Discussion Groups
In addition to traditional Breakout Sessions, we're introducing Birds of a Feather Discussion Groups led by one of the Knowledge Experts. These informative and interactive discussion groups are a great opportunity for you to gain insight from like-minded colleagues in similar industries. Attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Self-Paced Labs - More Options
In 2010, all VMworld Labs will be held in a self-paced environment - allowing us to maximize the number of labs offered and giving you more opportunities to explore how virtualization can make a powerful impact on your organization. Unlike traditional instructor-led labs, self-paced labs create a more interactive and educational environment - one that lets you see, first hand, how the latest in VMware software can help you energize your business.

VMworld self-paced labs deliver more:

  • Options - VMworld will stage more than 18,000 lab seats and conduct up to 400 simultaneous lab sessions during the 4-day event.
  • Insight - VMware has committed 200,000+ man-hours in lab creation and development to produce over 20 self-paced lab topics - covering everything from SRM to DRS.
  • Connection - With over 100 VMware Specialists on hand to answer questions and explore options, you'll get one-on-one attention when you need it - and still have the flexibility to move at your own pace.
  • Freedom - Forget pre-registration. With over 40 hours of available lab time throughout the conference, you're free to experience the latest in VMware offerings when it best fits your schedule.
Breakout Sessions - More Freedom. Less Formality.
This year, we've eliminated the need to pre-register for sessions - giving you more freedom and greater control over your conference experience. Forget trying to plan your daily agenda around events you picked weeks ago -use Schedule Builder to view a complete listing of available sessions and then just show up to sessions that work best for you when you're at the conference. Plus, we'll be repeating most sessions at least once, so you have ample opportunity to attend your top choices.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010 vExpert Nominations Open

The VMware vExpert Award is given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the community of VMware users over the past year. vExperts are book authors, bloggers, VMUG leaders, tool builders, and other IT professionals who share their knowledge and passion with others. These vExperts have gone above and beyond their day jobs to share their technical expertise and communicate the value of VMware and virtualization to their colleagues and community.

Some nominate your favorite resources now! I was so busy I missed this last year..but plan to go for it this year!

VMware's New ESX to ESXI Upgrade Center

VMware has launch a new special website helping everyone prepare for the transition to ESXI. Why this new site:

We launched this upgrade center to help customers and partners get comfortable with ESXi because we've stated on numerous occasions that in the future, ESXi will be the exclusive focus of VMware development efforts.

So head on over as well all prepare for ESX 5 (which I hear will be only released with ESXi).

P.S. ESX 4.1 release with a full ESX console is expected to released in May - June time frame.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Powershell Script-O-Mania Contest Winners

The most awesome scripts have been announced in the recent powershell scripting contest. I highly suggest you take a look at some of these:

Also, that daily powershell report I run and count on daily to look at my environment vCheck has been upgraded with some very nice improvements and the current version is located here:

Statelessness: CISCO UCS -vs- HP Virtual Connect

I have to say as I learn more about the CISCO UCS solution I do like how they took a fresh approach to the entire problem...making everything "Stateless".
This is an excellent comparison and explanation of what the UCS system tries to achieve and a comparison to HP Blade solutions using HP Virtual Connect.

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