Saturday, December 1, 2007

NEW VMware VDI Beta Release:

The VMWare VDM Beta 2 release was made know late Friday night. Some exciting features:

What's new in this release:

  • SecurID two-factor authentication
  • Redesign of VM pooling

Key features:

  • Enterprise-class connection brokering - What organizations need to connect (and manage) their remote clients to their centralized virtual desktops.
  • Web UI based management - Designed for a desktop administrator, Silverstone provides an easy look and feel that closely resembles VI3 and enables central administration of desktops from any location.
  • Full Microsoft Active Directory (AD) integration and policy enforcement.
  • VMware VI3 integration - Silverstone leverages VMware HA and DRS capabilities.
  • Support for manually created VMs as well as pools of VMs - Support includes persistent and non-persistent pooling which allows for the flexibility of retaining changes made to desktop virtual machines after a log off, which associates users to their own unique desktop, or reverting back to a known good configuration VM. This functionality is ideal for shared compute environments such as call centers or kiosks.
  • Flexible deployment options - This flexibility allows for deploying critical components of VDM to different parts of the network to improve security and scalability of the environment.
  • Support for limited USB client devices.
  • Ability to cluster multiple connection brokers together for high availability and redundancy.

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