Friday, December 7, 2007

Benchmarking how well you manage virtualization

Good article on staffing and strategies for managing a virtual environment.

Read the entire article here.

Quoting some of the better parts:

Make no mistake: Now is the time to make managing your virtual infrastructure a priority, as you allocate budget and staff, IDC's Elliot said. Otherwise, you won't be able to optimize virtualization results or savings, or plan strategically for the future.

Some 15% of IT groups are creating a dedicated team, often called the virtual computing team, that brings together experts from various IT disciplines to manage the overall virtualization effort, according to IDC. Around 85% of corporations are creating a virtualization management group inside of server and/or storage teams. (This second statistic should serve as a warning bell: Security experts say you need an integrated IT team that includes network, storage and security expertise, as you manage virtualization.)

average number of virtual images per administrator, is 200.

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