Wednesday, January 13, 2010

vCenter 4 Client Install Gotchas

After our very smooth upgrade to vCenter 4 Update 1 the next challenge I found was getting the client out to the desktop and virtual admins team. As I was testing the install process I ran into these issues and workarounds.

  • I suggested people uninstall all plugins they had used and the older virtual center update 5 client first. Some of the older plugins are not needed anymore or don't work with vCenter 4. The popular Andrew Kutz Storage vMotion plug-in is a good example.
  • The new vCenter install exe file does NOT contain everything you might need for the client install to work now (which I hope they fix in the next releases). On a new install for example it tries to install needed: Microsoft visual J#, .NET, and C++ which are located under the redist folder on the client install cd.
  • So for me the single exe install did not work
  • I copied the install cd to a share and deleted any of the exe and install folders not related to just the client install, so the ONLY menu item that would work from the autorun.exe install was the client install.
Please feel free to share your experience and tips you found for the vSphere client install!

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