Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mike Laverick Honors Me with a Post

The famous, vEXPERT, VMware Trainer, famous blogger, and a famous VMware Guide writer that mentored to many of us as we have used VMware the past 9-10 years has honored me with a mention on my blog. You can see post here. We converse a lot via email and I first met Mike at VMworld events. We got to chat even more when he was a featured speaker at the 2008 NC/SC VMware Summit event, of which I was a speaker that year as well. He returned as the featured speaker to the 2009 NC/SC VMware Summit event and I attended nothing but Technical Breakout discussion which he particated in all day. He has really been a big help in my career focus on Virtualization and VMware.

I mention this not to pat myself on the back, but honor Mike and his efforts and all those bloggers out there that share their knowledge with us all. Also, I think a very interesting blog post from dealing with why he (Ducan Epping) blogs and his thoughts about the why you should consider doing it as well are very relevant.  A few key statements from Ducan:
  • ...decided to look back and try to convince you why voicing your opinion/views and sharing knowledge is important for your personal development and career
  • I personally think everyone can benefit from blogging in terms of personal development
  • For me the main driver has always been "documenting my experiences" and gaining knowledge
  • Of course everyone who blogs hopes their blog will be a success and is out for some form of recognition and or visibility
  • Another reason to "why" start blogging is visibility. I did multiple projects where the customer specifically requested me as the consultant delivering it because they read my articles
  • First and foremost for personal development, increasing technical skills, knowledge and expertise. This should always be your prime driver
  • Just three months after I started blogging I was asked to take on the Technical Team Lead job role. Two months later I had a job interview with VMware and almost 12 months later I was asked to take on the Practice Lead job role. I'm not saying this is only because of the blogging but I am confident that blogging helped me improve my technical skills, knowledge, expertise and increased my confidence
For me, I started blogging in 2006 mainly as a way to start sharing knowledge I had gained and I wanted to give back to those just getting started much like Mike Laverick had done for my career. I was also using it as a means for those I worked with to learn more without flooding their mailboxes. At times though I have not given it the time I needed too. In 2010, my pledge is to start REALLY blogging and sharing personal knowledge and experiences in greater detail. I also want the coveted vEXPERT award as I have been doing this a long time and feel like I should qualify (I totally didn't notice the nomination process last year). If you haven't heard of this you should be using to stay informed as well from many of the top bloggers. So my list would look like this:

  • give back to the community of those starting out in Virtualization and VMware or want to get better at it
  • share interesting news and information from other blogs that I feel are important
  • document what we are doing at Novant and obstacles, technologies, workarounds for issues that we run into
  • gain knowledge
  • personal and professional development
  • recognition as an expert in the technology (I have certifications as well;VCP2,VCP3,VCP4) but I think real-world experience is best!
  • increase technical skills, I spend a lot of time reviewing lots of virtualization blogs--you can learn a LOT from these sites!
  • career development and exposure-along with sites like Linked-In
And I can say blogging does all this. Just in first few weeks of 2010 I have had 3 solid job offers. I love the role I am in at Novant now as the Virtualization Lead (still waiting on that title and pay though). With this role I and designing and building a technology that is strategically important to Novant and the health care and patients and customers we serve. Virtualiziation should be a top strategy your company is involved with as well!

Stay tuned!

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