Thursday, September 3, 2009

VMworld 2009: Wednesday: General Session: 

Steve takes the stage, VMware view people centric, not device centric. Large movement to this..and focus area. Efficiency and centralized management, and user experience are key.

vSphere right place to run this:
commonality, security (VMsafe), Availability, Efficiency
centralized image and policy managment
decomposition to shar image, simplify patching

storage concerns, iscsi and thin provisioning help. 

Announcing RTO virtual profiles

User experience, three main areas: wan, lan, local. Rich portable desktop. Leverage the media hardware. Same image, same policies. 
PCOIP shipping later in the year. option to use hardware only solution shipping as well. 
IT give the IT approved DVD for laptop, with policy, bare metal virtulization corportate-owned IT. 
demo that was very impressive..and iphone to access your desktop

Mobile phone virtualization: mobile becoming a personal computer.  Gives device freedom, work approved vphone. application freedom, one device to run all different 
nice demo

Cloud discussion: building a colleciton of resources to combine and build the software mainframe. Giant computer, 6 year anniversary of vmotion. a lot of maturity, breadth, automated usage.
Dec 2003, 359 million vmotions customers have used...admin saving  459 million,, marriage saved 74
network vmotion- may 2009, long distance vmotion. Break ties to anything physical.

DRS gave 40% better performance to sql workload as more workloads caused imbalance.
DRS to include IO.
Saving power. Constant server degrag in the datacenter. Explains DPM. Early reports 20% power savings. 

Control..making admin jobs easier.
Appspeed: how is my application discover topology, physical tiers as well. Finger of blame. service policy descriptor, single unit, giving it SLA definitions. 
vmsafe discussion, vapp can assisgn a security level.
configcontrol demo, database of all changes across multiple vcenters.

VMware lab manager self service portals...VMware will be creating more of these. Let the customer help themselves...more announcements coming.

cool info about vmworld setup  power savings...provide numbers

cloud discussion. clouds can be SRM. 
Long distance vmotion, two vendors mentioned that have solutions now (cisco and f5).
shows announced vendor working in the cloud and standards has been submitted.

vapp: applications is what it is all about. 
vsphere gives the infrastructure, application can be combined with the infrastructure. 
policy, scale on demand, visibility.
consumer wants an application that works.

springsource discussion...and a demo showing how the app is not tied to the hardware or OS...very interesting...uses a springsource foundry.

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