Tuesday, September 1, 2009

VMworld 2009: Monday: LAB Day: 

I attended LAB02: SRM Advanced operations and this lab went very well. We had some lecture, a three section lab and some troubleshooting to do as part of the lab experience (on purpose).

Lunch was supposed to be provided for lab attendees but they quckly went through 700 lunch boxes and there were a lot of people that missed out on getting a lunch. Rather dissaointing.

Next I headed over to the self-paced labs where you get more hands-on experience and using the product. The menu of available labs was very impressive. Unfortunately, technical issues continued to plague VMworld this year. The self-paced labs were to originally start at 7:30am but were delayed several times and eventually didn't get started until 2pm in the afternoon, with a limited selection of labs. The concept was rather impressive they were doing, as you selected your lab it generated your lab environment for you on the fly via some hooks into Lab Manager.

Next up was the vendor reception that opened at 5:30pm - 8:00pm and this really went great . There were tons of vendors and a mob of VMworld attendees to look at their products. Of course there was also the usual beverage and food.

Overall..day 2 was fun and full of good learning.

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