Tuesday, September 1, 2009

VMworld 2009: Tuesday: General Session:

Todd Neilson takes the stage, 96% fortune 1000 use VMware. who are not using it? thank vendors, 12,488 attendees this year, goal energize the business via IT , spend more on innovation and less on maintenance,
video..customer testimonials,

Paul Maritz, CEO takes the stage, hunger to get to a world stable, on demand, standards, scalable, easier to expand; we have pillars of complexity but secure and understood. vitualization is the answer because of encapsulation, whether via VMware of others.

server consolidate= capital savings, then clouds (internal or external), big advantages environment becomes easier to manage, automate operations, business agility

vSphere a major release, 1,500 engineers, larger effort than any effort for windows when Paul was at Microsoft.  "Continuously defraging the datacenter"! Storage one of the biggest costs in a datacenter. Thin provisioning will help with this. ALL servers should be virtualized. The most demanding applications. 350,000 iops a sec, entire processing of Visa. Networking important to work closer with as we move everything around in the datacenter.

Enhance availability, FT, storage vmotion, security industry-they need to become virtualized as well.

Can only do this by working with others in the industry. Certified for vSphere 1000 servers, storage devices, 300 network devices, and high level integrated parts in vSphere.

vsphere downloads, 357,151

virtualization journey goals
1. management tools, it can work with other products in the environment, into and out of vc,
      ibm demo, power info sent between ibm and vc and vc and IBM tools
      3650 M2, showing esx 4.1, IBM and vc lowered the power when not needed, then demo showing vc         providing info to ibm tool,
new management products:
capacity configuration, operations scheduling, SRM
plus: act more like clound operator internally,
service profile,service catelog, chargeback, app provisioning, app scheduling.
lab manager demo using linked clones, from single snapshot
charegeback demo, assigned costs to metrics, disk, cpu, etc.

IT in a BOX, vsphere essentials, $166 per proc.
Free ESXi

2. vCloud experience: work with service provider community. key step, new top level concept, virtual datacenters management, work with service provider community---slide a virtual datacenter into a cloud, management looks the same. working with third parties, introduced VMWARE VIRTUALIZED logo to identify them, 100 service providers last year now 1000 have signed up.
vcloud express announced new program,, time and price oriented. fast and cost effective.
vcloud express demo, terremark, impressive easy ordering process for a new server from the cloud.
announce vcloud API, submitting to make open standard

3. desktops, goal to manage users, not devices, million desktops so far, security concerned companies adopted so far (health care listed),
HP comes to stage, Steve dupree, blades, iscsi internal to blade, using lefthand for the storage, hp announcing,be in the fall, kick the tires..see it in the booth,,,HP keynote. hp annoucement supersession 135 insight plugin for vc that allows blade management and info inside of vc..nice!
PCoIP demo with telus.

4. what applications are doing, spring source aquisition, merging in as a division into vmware.
answer, virtualization+lightweight framworks=radical simplifcation
apps, spring/grails frameworks
50% of new java work with done with this product
can put on top of  oracle, IBM, Jboss,

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