Wednesday, August 18, 2010

vSphere Troubleshooting Class Review

About two weeks ago I attended the online VMware vSphere Troubleshooting Class. I must say it was an awesome class...and I highly recommend to all. One big benefit from the class is a special Troubleshooting Reference Guide you get with symptoms and common things to check and in many cases how to fix. The PDF files are all locked so only certain computers you install some software on can view them, but you can print them out. In addition you get your standard Class and Lab Manuals in PDF locked format, which you print before the class.

An online class is delivered via Webex and it works out really well. You have access to your labs via standard remote desktop. Small mini Webex breakout sessions are used so you and your partner can work together on Labs and still ask for assistance if needed from the dual instructors for the class.

I highly suggest you sign up!

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