Thursday, August 19, 2010

NEW EVOSTOR Storage Solution for vSphere

I received a special invite to see a new awesome storage solution specifically tied to "The future of VMware Storage" at VMworld 2010. President and CEO, Paul Maritz, of VMware will be speaking at the event and probably mentioning the new EVOSTOR EVOLUTION 1200 storage solution. Evolution 1200 is specifically tied to vSphere and the new vStorage API enhancements.

A few highlights:
  • purpose-built for VMware environments
  • EvoStor removes the complexity managing LUNs or file systems
  • first and only VM-level storage system
  • VMware admins can create a VM and simply assign the capacity they need
  • no worry about sizing, performance, optimization or reclaiming storage capacity 
  • EvoStor GUI is built right into vSphere
  • single pane of glass to create VMs and provision storage
  • Multi-tiered storage supporting SSD, SAS and SATA disk drives
Check out the link above for more info!

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