Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tools you need...Virtualization EcoShell

Powershell tools are becoming the best way to really get fast information and reporting from your virtual infrastructure and even active directory. Recently I had to make a change in our environment that would have taken clicking several times down into the settings of each vm....which for 600+ vms would have taken a long time. With powershell, this task took seconds! That is the difference powershell can make in your administration tasks.

Fortunately we don't all have to be programmers and tools have come along (PowerGui) and (EcoShell) which help us learn and do some amazing powershell stuff. First, head over to The Virtualization EcoShell Initiative to download and get this tool. Videos are available at the bottom of the screen showing you the power of the product. An advanced training video I learned about from ntpro.nil is located on Vizioncore's site.

You will love the vDiagram (generate Visio reports of your environment) and vReporting (Generate html reports) features I am sure!

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