Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Most Useful VMware Commands you need:

One of the weakest areas of Virtual Center is reporting in my opinion, and while the Powershell toolkit is giving us ways to workaround this..I wanted to share some simple commands I learned working with VMware support that I really find invaluable.

List out all virtual machines on ALL storage LUNS:
ls -l /vmfs/volumes/*

See all virtual machines on LUNS that start with VPC:
ls -l /vmfs/volumes/*/vpc*
or even better:
find /vmfs/volumes -name vpc*.vmx

Search all LUNS for a particular virtual machine:
find /vmfs/volumes -name vpc*.vmx -print | grep -i vmname

In the above you match up the long string of numbers with the output from ls -l /vmfs/volumes to find the english name of the LUNS shown.

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