Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Join the VMware 4 Converter Beta Program:

Now is the time to start using and testing the next VMware converter release. It has a long list of new features shown below. Those with a VMware Store acct can get the beta here. Those that need an account go here.
  • Physical to virtual machine conversion support for Linux (RHEL, SUSE, and Ubuntu) as source
  • Physical to virtual machine conversion support for Windows Server 2008 as source
  • Support for converting new third-party image formats, including Parallels Desktop virtual machines, newer versions of Symantec, Acronis, and StorageCraft
  • Workflow automation enhancements to include automatic source shutdown, destination start-up as well as shut down one or more services at source and start up services at Windows destination
  • Power off source machine when conversion is finished
  • Hot cloning improvements for cloning any changes to the source system during the P2V conversion process
  • Target disk selection, and ability to specify how the volumes will be laid out in the new destination virtual machine
  • Destination virtual machine configuration, including CPU, memory, and disk controller type
    Bug fixes described in Resolved Issues and known issues described in the Known Issues section

The following features are no longer supported:
NT4 hot cloning
ESX Server 2.5 destinations

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