Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Storage VMotion GUI:

It appears someone has created the first VC 2.5 plugin for integrated GUI access to Storage Vmotion. Try this in your lab first of course.

"VMotion is a VI 2.5 client plugin (the FIRST released, third-party plugin in fact) that extends the client's functionality by providing an integrated, graphical tool that can be used to invoke storage VMotion (SVMotion) operations. This plugin is not supported by VMware. In fact, the plugin is not anywhere close to supported by VMware because it is the result of a two-week dive into the inner-workings of the VI client libraries with popular reflection tools (reverse-engineering). l o s t c r e a t i o n s is working on a white paper that describes how to build VI plugins."

Download and read more here.

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