Thursday, August 9, 2007

Very Nice KVM tool for VI 3:

This information and original info at

"An unoffical contest has sprung up to create with the VirtualCenter SDK a “MKS Client”. For those not in the know, MKS stands for a Mouse, Screen and Keyboard (you probably know it better as KVM). It’s a process that runs on an ESX host which allows for the redirection of inputs and outputs to the VM’s Remote Console - put simply it allow you interact with the VM using VMware’s client. The contests aim to produce a kind of stripped down client which only allows for this kind of interaction with the need for a full Vi Client. I blogged about Eric Sloof’s creation earlier this week. Anyway, it looks like Bouke Groenescheij and Richard Garsthagen (of VMware EMEA) have joined into this informal contest too…"




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