Monday, April 9, 2007

Improvements coming in VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3:

Mike Laverick's site ( has very revealing news from the VMware TSX event held just last week in Paris, on VI 3 features that are coming!

Live data migration
Currently available to sys-admins to move data of a running VM from ESX 2.x/VMFS2 to a ESX3.x/VMFS3 volume. The natural extension of this is as a tool for data management for ESX 3.x as well
Third Party Virtual Switches
Allowing other companies to develop virtual switches in the ESX host to have properties and features you would expect to see in conventional physical switches. So rather the unmanaged switches of ESX currently (except for vLAN support, security settings and load-balancing settings). The switch would be more like a conventional Cisco Catalyst switch
Better Management of Virtual Switches
The ability to create switches across many hosts - and being able to store the vSwitch information in an XML file for portability
HA non-stop
VMware HA without the crashing of the VMs. VMs continue to run else where on another ESX host. I would expect VMware to redevelop the “replayer” feature currently in VMware Workstation 6
Improved Hardware Support
Currently we dependent on VMware writing VMware drivers for devices. This means validating any hardware purchases against a VMware HCL. It looks like VMware wish to open this out further to allow other vendors to speed up the process by having a programme to validate third party drivers

Improved VM Virtual Hardware
Asked if we will get improvements inside the VM the answer was yes - pressed further we were promised 8 virtual CPUs in a VM

Read the entire article here.

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