Thursday, April 5, 2007

Blue Lane: Intrusion-prevention system for VI 3 and Physical world:

The company's VirtualShield software sits between the host server's hypervisor and its virtual machines and is designed to block malware from reaching virtual machines, which could be vulnerable to being exploited if their applications don't have the latest patches. "It puts a force field in front of server images; that was the 'a-ha' behind the product," says Blue Lane president and CEO Jeff Palmer, adding that, although VirtualShield is currently available only for VMware, there's nothing keeping Blue Lane from developing VirtualShield for other vendors' hypervisors.

I have been testing both the Virtual and Physical solutions Blue Lane provides, and I have been very impressed. We put in in place on some very "dirty" segments and now we know what is attacking our systems. Also eases some of the burden of Microsoft's patch tuesday!

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Thanks again for your comments about VirtualShield. Your readers might also be interested in the recent Virtual Strategy Magazine interview with Blue Lane SVP Product Ops Allwyn Sequeira. Its 30 minutes long and may be the best podcast interview yet on the subject of virtualization and security:

Listen to the Podcast:

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Podcast Summary:
Length: 24:10

Commoditized Virtualization
Key elements of virtualization
hypervisor gaining more functionality
VM Sprawl to laptops
VMotion can break firewall rules
Virtual Appliances
New threats to VMs
Patch Challenges
Security at the Network level
VirtualShield sits between the hypervisor and the Virtual Machine
0-Day protection
Fixing the root cause
Setting up VirtualShield
Integration with VirtualCenter
Customer Feedback
Hardware level security without the hardware

Greg - Blue Lane

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Blue Lane Wins Best of Interop - Security


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