Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I am using vCenter 5 and fully patched vSphere 5 (build shows 515841). I have VMware's new "Network Syslog Collector" running on my vCenter. I had about 6 new vSphere 5 servers pointing to the vCenter syslog server without issue. I moved my vCenter to a vSphere 5 server and updated the VMware tools and did a reboot. After this I noticed no servers showing in the "Network Syslog Collector" section of vCenter. Worked with VMware support and they are submitting as a bug. Also, apparently vCenter updates this only as you start the client, there is not refresh button, so as you fix this or add servers to this syslog collector you need to exit vCenter and come back in to see them.

Temporary solution for now to fix follows but this would be a pain in large environments like ours.
Restarting syslog on vSphere 5 server:
ps | grep vmsyslog
ps | grep vmsysl~ # ps | grep vmsyslog
62469 62469 vmsyslogd            /bin/python
62470 62469 vmsyslogd            /bin/python
62471 62469 vmsyslogd            /bin/python

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