Sunday, August 28, 2011


I didn't have any travel issues due to Irene the Hurricane that went up the east coast. I got here at 9:30am Vegas time...and the Venetian had my room ready which was really awesome. After some breakfast and unpacking I headed down to registration at about 1:15pm and was surprised to see it already open and allowing a very fast registration process. Next I headed over to get in line for the opening of the Hand-On Labs. They have really done another great job this year and the crowd and Lab Crew were all showing their excitement. I did lab 16 the autodeploy which went well except their were some performance or some type of problem when installing PowerCLI which took about 15 minutes.

After my lab I needed to recharge on some food and that is when I saw this massive registration line, and a very long waiting line for the Labs.

A lab person came up and said it would be 2 hours before the next batch of those in line would be allowed in. Luckily, VMware has noticed the problems with registration and issued this statement:
"Registration is extended to 8pm tonight. We apologize for the long line. Reg also open at 6:30am Mon before sessions."

Well time to rest up and charge up all the gadgets... tomorrow will be a long and exciting day!

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