Friday, July 16, 2010


One interesting item I picked up on from this blog yesterday on the release of vSphere 4.1 is the start of VMware moving to a per-VM licensing structure. At that blog is was announced VMware vCenter Chargeback, VMware vCenter SRM (Site Recovery Manager), VMware vCenter Capacity-IQ, VMware vCenter AppSpeed would be switching to the new per-VM licensing structure.
Today provided more info most likely obtained stating the per-VM license bundles will be sold in packs of 25.
It's interesting as recently I was having a conversation about this with an anonymous person inside VMware and it is obvious a change is needed with the Cores from Intel and AMD just continuing to increase. This newer model can help save money on some solutions bringing down the cost of virtualization. It allows you to pay for what your managing and not basing pricing on the physical hardware. in other ways it can help because some products had to be licensed for an entire cluster instead of just the number of virtual machines you needed to deal with.
I have learned the licensing changes will take place in September for these products but you will have until December to continue licensing like you have been or switch to the new method.

Another nice change...the standard edition now includes vmotion!

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