Tuesday, May 11, 2010


More info is coming out about this major "virtual revolution" as big if not bigger than vmotion and storage vmotion.
See these links:


The following are a few highlights from the 2nd link above (be sure to see that link for all the info).

"vPlex means (to me) a vMotion where the VMDKs being acted on are immediately available in the other side – moving everything, and moving it instantly over geographic distance.
it starts immediately accessing storage on the other side...access anywhere"

"VPLEX enables a storage device is simultaneously presented at both the local and remote side in a read/writeable state in an active/active model – any IO can be served by any VPLEX node, by any port – at anytime."

"VPLEX is the first application of this core technology and is a shipping, generally available product, and can be used with ANY array."

vSphere advantage:
The answer is basic: It enables high performance, high availability geographically dispersed storage that's active/active – read/writeable on both sides.

  • Use Case #1: vMotion between different vSphere ESX clusters being managed by a single vCenter.
  • Use Case #2: stretching an vSphere ESX cluster across geographic distance.

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