Monday, February 1, 2010

XRAVIRT's new RDP vCenter Plug-In

Now this is a very nice plug-in just release from the Xtravirt folks which I am sure every vCenter admin will want to load. I have always wondered why we didn't have this already built into vCenter. But a very nice implementation for sure.

Just install the MSI file (nice PDF instructions are included), start up vCenter and go to the HOME screen. Now down under "Solutions and Applications" you will find the new plug-in. Go into this for a one time configuration: Domain/Acct credentials to use, default screen resolution, alternate port option, and select advanced options you like (disable wallpaper, themes, etc.).

Now on you have a right-click menu option on a virtual machine for "Connect VIA RDP"!

Get the RDP plug-in now!

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