Monday, April 14, 2008

My First Storage Vmotion!

April 11, 2008; another milestone to mark in my virtualization journey! Storage Vmotion is just one of those things (like vmotion) that make putting servers in a Datacenter that are not vitual...just that much more ridiculous. I assume all the other competition will try to copy VMware's innovation on this too..but just remember VMware is the one with the vision that just keeps on amazing us all (and teaching us completely innovative ways to run a datacenter!

I used the Virtual Center Plugin from Lost Creations, the first external company from VMware to publish some really cool plugins for Virtual Center 2.5. The plugin was a dream to install and use. Not sure why, but they have removed the dowload links for this and other plugins from this site for now. Have to look into that.


Anonymous said...

This is really good news! Software to improve our lives and performance as VCPs is always welcome.
When you visit the Lost Creations Web site, it is kind of hidden, but the download link is still there. For the plugins they provide go to:

Jay, thanks for sharing this experience!

Manlio Frizzi said...

Hi Jay, I cannot find the plugin (no more) could yuo please provide?
Manlio Frizzi

Anonymous said...

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