Thursday, January 10, 2008

VMware VDI Future: On-Demand Streaming:

Interesting articles of the technology preview of the on-demand streaming coming from VMware and a comparison to the Citrix Ardence solution.

"Details are very light at this point, but during one of the keynotes at VMworld this past week, VMware presented a feature called “VMware OnDemand” streaming technology. This technology will allow a VM player to prefetch disk blocks from a disk image file across a network, allowing the VM to boot from that disk image before the image is 100% copied to the player machine.

This is VERY similar—at least in concept—to Citrix’s Ardence OS streaming technology. This can be huge in the virtualized desktop / VDI environment since it means that a user could start using a local desktop VM without having to wait for a multi-gigabyte disk image file to copy to their client device."

Read more at these two links:


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