Friday, May 11, 2007

Windows Server Virtualization: some features postponed:

Microsoft is postponing some features to a future release of Windows Server Virtualization (WSV):

  • No live migration
  • No hot-add resources (storage, networking, memory, processor)
  • Support limit of 16 cores/logical CPUs

You should note that you will be able to move virtual machines between WSV hosts if those hosts are part of a Longhorn cluster. Doing so will give you a downtime depending on the configured memory of the virtual machine and the speed of the storage system. This could be several seconds.

This news makes WSV less compelling than originally thought and we will have to wait a bit more (Longhorn RTM + 0..180 days + x days) for the really interesting stuff.

The above information came from:

I find it extremely amusing reading the "Windows Server Division Weblog". They make it sound like people are not already using virtualization in the real world and that they have developed virtualization. Guess they missed the 7,000 plus that attended VMworld last year... or ignore those that have been doing virtualization with VMware for years with Vmotion and Virtual Center and the creator of this x86 technology.

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